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  1. What are the seat covers made of?
    Our seat covers are made with 1/2" high-density foam.  We use the finest heat-treated and anti-fade material. Seat Covers make for a cooler ride in the summer and warmer ride in the winter. They allow air to get under you as you ride.
  2. What happens when seat covers get wet?
    If the seat covers get wet they will dry fast because of the foam that we use. If it does get wet, water will not hurt the seat cover. Should your cover get wet, you do not need to take it off of the bike to dry. We recommend that you use our rain covers which are water proof.
  3. Will they fade?
    The sun is your seat cover's worst enemy. Although we use the finest heat-resistant and anti-fade material, you may see some fading over time.
  4. Are they hard to install?
    Easy step-by-step installation instructions are included with your seat covers.
    GL-1500 Seat Cover Installation Instructions     GL-1800 Seat Cover Installation Instructions
  5. Do they fit tight?
    The seat covers are designed to be form fitting. The seat covers look like a custom seat but they are slip-on seat covers. They have a perimeter bungee around the seat. Your seat cover will not slip around and will tighten up as you ride.

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